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WE WILL ALWAYS TRY TO MATCH ANY LEGITIMATE PRICES. EA, we believe that neither amps nor speakers should have tone. Tone comes from you, the artist. Like brush strokes to a canvas, your fingers express your musical soul, amplified by EA without coloration. EA has focused on the amplification of musical instruments, with three goals in mind: wide dynamic range, wide dispersion, and extended bass response to accurately replicate the full range of every instrument, including the fundamentals of the low E and B-strings on electric bass. It was at this time that we designed and built the first Transmission Line Speaker Cabinet for musical instrument application. Although other manufacturers have shied away from using Transmission Line cabinets due to the incredible engineering and exacting manufacturing details inherent in the TL design, EA determined that it was the only way to meet the challenges proposed by Mike Tobias and Dan Lakin. The incredible amount of engineering and attention to detail that goes into every EA product has resulted in highly portable, truly innovative bass cabinets and amps that produce a remarkable bass sound unequaled in the music industry. Every EA speaker cabinet and amplifier features the absolute finest components from the best suppliers: * Transmission Line design * Imported, lightweight, Poplar plywood * Integrated handles * Tilt-Back feature * Proprietary Kevlar drivers (CXL Line) made by Eminence * Proprietary Whizzer Cones (Wizzy Line) made by Eminence * Intelligently designed and musical crossovers Our Class D amplifiers have an honest power rating throughout the full bandwidth – meaning you’ll get true power throughout the entire audio spectrum, from 20-20KHz; input level control and metering; highly effectual and intuitive tone shaping controls; professional balanced outputs (with a Jensen transformer option for the Direct Input section); versatile parallel and series effects processing; rugged steel construction and more.
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