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AGUILAR AMPLIFICATION- MISSION STATEMENT: Aguilar Amplification is dedicated to using superior engineering processes to make advanced musical tools for bass players. We believe that our products contribute greatly to the voice of the instrument. The bass, amplifier and cabinet all function together as one. At Aguilar we approach every product that we manufacture with a real world, “musical” understanding. Because we are bass players as well as engineers, we can visualize gear from the musician’s perspective. After only a little more than a decade of operation, Aguilar amplifiers and cabinets can be found on stages and in studios around the world. We’re proud to have contributed to the tone and feeling of countless great bass performances and recordings.
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 Aguilar: AG 4J-60 £159.00

Aguilar AG 4J-60 £125

 Aguilar: Agro £170.00

Aguilar Agro £150

 Aguilar: Filter Twin £195.00

Aguilar Filter Twin

 Aguilar: Octamizer £155.00

Aguilar Octamizer

 Aguilar: OPB2 £125.00

Aguilar OPB2

 Aguilar: OPB3 £145.00

Aguilar OPB3

 Aguilar: TLC Compressor £195.00

Aguilar TLC Compressor
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