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Manufacturer: Euphonic Audio Bass Cabinet

Euphonic Audio: NL 210

EA NL 210


Euphonic Audio: NL 210


The newly revised NL-210 features 2 of our custom Kevlar 10" Neodymium drivers with a compression tweeter. The performance of this speaker is uncanny, as it offers an extremely accurate and flat audio response. That means you hear exactly what you put into it. There is no coloration - just pure, studio-monitor clarity. This box will produce thundering low end, down to low B with ease as well as a sweet high end. The use of imported poplar plywood and neodymium magnets reduces the weight of the NL-210 from 82 pounds (CXL210) to 37 pounds. You get a package that's small, easy to move, and will reproduce all instruments, basses, acoustic guitars, and keyboards alike. All with audiophile sound.

Frequency Response: 45Hz to 16kHz

Size: 22.5"H x 17"W x 15"D

Weight: 39 lbs.

Configuration: 2 x 10"

Woofer: 2 Custom Neodymium Kevlar 10" drivers. 1" Phenolic Compression Driver with Tweeter Level Control located on rear connection panel

Sensitivity: 100dB @ 1m

Sound Pressure: 127dB @ 1m

Power Handling: 500 watts

Impedance: 8 ohm

Connection Type: Two Speakon Jacks

Handle: One integrated custom cup handle on each side


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