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Manufacturer: Special Offers Bass Head

Special Offers: Warwick Quad IV

Warwick Quad IV was £899


Special Offers: Warwick Quad IV

New Warwick Quad

* 400 watts, 19", 2U. 
*One 12AX& and two ECC83 tubes.
* Quadrumatrix dial to alter basic tube characteristics.
* Rotary controls for gain, bass, mid 1, mid 2, treble & master out. 
* Separate low & high boost, mid shift 1 & 2 switches. 
* Phones jack, mute switch.
* Rear panel: groundlift switch, DI out (switchable pre/post), parallel effects loop, tuner out. 
* Fan cooling (temperature controlled).
* Weight: 33 lbs. / 15 kg 
* Depth: 16.93 in. / 430 mm


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