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Manufacturer: Epifani Bass Cabinet

Epifani: D.I.S.T 410

Epifani D.I.S.T 410


Epifani: D.I.S.T 410


The Range
UL DIST cabinets are tonally superior to any other cabinet previously available. They are the ultimate in lightweight design, and powerful, transparent sound. UL DIST cabinets incorporate innovative, industry-leading loudspeaker technology that ensures optimum efficiency and maximum output from your amplifier.
The Technology
UL DIST's use newly designed cast aluminum frame loudspeakers, intricately machined internal construction and every engineering advance we've gained in over 20 years of bass cabinet research and design. UL DIST cabinets incorporate D.I.S.T. (Dual Impedance Speaker Technology) - a unique technology that includes a revolutionary new proprietary neodymium speaker design with a complex crossover network that allows the user to select the ideal impedance - 8 or 4 ohms - to optimize the power handling of a single cabinet or multiple cabinet system. Simply amazing, and exclusively used in UL DIST cabinets.
The Sound
The UL DIST 410 is the sound that's in your mind. A sound that's heard in the control room of the best studios, or played back on an audiophile music system. It's bass that shouldn't be available live, but incredibly now, can be. Everything is in balance, your notes come forth smooth as silk, yet powerful as a 12 cylinder Ferrari. Sound like this comes from the hands of a master. So, each UL DIST cabinet is handcrafted at the Epifani Custom shop in Brooklyn, New York. This is a system that will satisfy even the most discriminating bass player, regardless of the musical genre. The fact that they are also the lightest enclosures in their category, only adds to the joy of owning a UL DIST.

4 x 10" Epifani Woofers
4 x 10" Dual Voice Coil 250W Epifani Cast Aluminum-frame Neo Drivers
On-off Switch and Adjustable Tweeter Control
User selectable 8 or 4 Ohms
1000 WRMS
2400 Watt Peak
Response 40Hz - 16kHz
Sensitivity 103dB (1W@1m) 
2 x Speakon + 1/4" Combo Connectors 
Proprietary structured Baltic Birch design with extensive internal bracing
Impact-resistant polymer paint
High-Impact Locking Corners
Steel Recessed Handles
18 Gauge Steel Grill
26.25"h x 23"w x 17.75"d
58 lbs


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