The Gallery Bass Merchant - Workshop Services

The Bass GalleryThe in house Sei Bass workshop has been building guitars for the last ten years. The same expertise is used for a variety or maintainance and repair tasks. We have a fast and reliable turnaround.

This is reflected in our largely professsional client base. Our competitive pricing and high quality makes us a popular choice with professionals and amateurs alike.

The Gallery Bass Merchant: Workshop Price List

BATTERY COMPARTMENTS Fitting new battery compartment £30
DE FRET Lines from a choice of woods and colours £90
ELECTRONICS Electronic Maintanance £20 (prices from)
FRET EDGES Fret Edges smoothed off for faster neck action £20
FRET STONE Fret stone to level frets including crowning £75
FRETLESS LINING Adding fretlines to an unlined fretless instrument £130
FRETTING LINED FRETLESS Adding frets to an already lined instrument £180
FRETTING UNLINED FRETLESS Adding frets to an unlined fretless instrument £210
HARDWARE FIT Fitting of replacement hardware £15
NECK RESHAPE Reshape neck to make a flatter profile £80 (Price From
NECK STRIP Remove varnish and smooth off neck £40
NEW FINGERBOARD Replacement fingerboard, maple, rosewood ebony etc £280 (price from)
NUT REPLACEMENT Choose from from brass, bone, phenolic, graphite, graphtech etc. £30 (prices from)
PICKUP FITTING Fitting and wiring up of replacement pickups £20 (Price From)
RAMP Ramp between pickups £60
RE FRET Fret maple fingerboard including re - shooting and re - varnishing of fingerboard £200
RE SHOOT Re shoot fingerboard and levelling £80
RE-STRING Re-string instrument, strings not supplied £10
ROUTING Routing for pickups etc £80
SCREENING Electronic cavity screening £40
SET UP Full Gallery setup including: truss rod adjustment, intonation, action, nut and pickup alignment £35.00

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